Moving On

By March 31, 2012 May 21st, 2012 No Comments

It is with a bittersweet smile I announce that NatMobi is leaving 902 Broadway, our home since October. In this building and in the community it fosters, I have met some of my best friends in New York City. Just sitting on a couch in General Assembly can lead to a chance meeting with someone who can change your life or the direction of your company.


Hanging out in library might lead to a chance meeting with Ashton Kutcher.Stopping by on a Saturday might lead you to running into the founders of a company that I use every day, like Alexis Ohanian from Reddit. Alexis-ohanian-reiddit

I have never been a part of a place that is so welcoming and so full of smart and interesting people who were always willing to help when needed, or who are just able to understand and empathize with the issues of being a tech founder.

I will never forget all the memories I had in this building, all the late nights spent on the couch or head down on my desk. The things I created while I was here live on as products, websites, and code. While the hours are gone, the memories will live on forever.

Although the nostalgia is running thick, I am still excited for the future and what it will bring, moving to our new space at 568 Broadway. With each door closing, a new door opens, and this one is full of opportunity for growth, expansion, and more.

I am not saying to goodbye to my friends, for I shall still see them, and will still return, but I am saying goodbye to a place and a moment in time when we all worked in the same, awesome building.

First Office In General Assembly

Expanded Office 7th Floor