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By February 11, 2012 No Comments

If you don’t think the proliferation of technology is having profound effects on how people think, live, and understand the world, then you are not paying attention. Technology, especially mobile technology, is disrupting and in my opinion, improving the world. Think about a time before cell phones were widespread, or if you weren’t alive back then, imagine it, but realize the fact that you had to make such different choices and plan a lot further in advance.

Having a phone has allowed for so much more spontaneity, no longer do you have to tell people in advance where you will be going, tell them where to call you or how they can find you. If anything, we’ve gone in the completely opposite direction, where you can now go somewhere, check-in, see who’s around you and then meet up with them. Whether or not someone chooses to embrace these technologies, they still are having an effect on their lives, and the lives of those around them. The simple ability to be contacted and to contact someone is exciting.

The video above demonstrates the profound effects technology is having on the development of brains and an alteration of how we¬†perceive¬†the world. I know, for example, that I store a lot of information in my brain through links, i.e., I know what to search for or how to find something and so I don’t have to remember everything about that. I learned in Moonwalking With Einstein that this is how people used to store what they knew, by keeping quote books with excerpts and passages gathered from many sources.

Only in the last few years has it become possible to have that data on you or available at any time. It was relegated to that time when you were “online” when you used to have to dial up to the internet, and it’s usage was billed in by the minute. We are far from the days of dial-up and a new era of anytime anywhere, is really true in terms of data availability. The phone is not the most used app on the phone. The web, SMS, and apps are probably the leading uses of phones.

It is no coincidence that NatMobi is building for the mobile web and marketing with the mobile web’s instant delivery system, text messages. We are helping the world go mobile.