VIP Texts  helps businesses bring their customers in more often. Businesses create a VIP Texts list and invite their customers to join.  Once the business has a list of customers, they send out high-quality text messages that encourage the customers to visit. Since customers have asked to receive the texts and are known customers of the business, they are very likely to utilize an offer and repatronize the business. Customers save money, and the business generates more revenue. The goal of VIP Texts is to convert average customers into VIPs, bringing them in more often and increasing their lifetime value.

Some of the types of businesses that use VIP Texts:

More Customers, More Often.

Our platform is designed with to easily integrate with your business, from the way customers are acquired, to the way they are rewarded. Your regulars bring you the most business, VIP Texts helps you get more regulars and bring them back more often.

Attract Customers

With VIP Texts you can attract customers to your business your business at will. By sending out a timely and enticing message to your VIP List, customers will flock to your businesses. You get to choose what you want to send, and when you want to send it.

You can easily attract your customers back to your restaurant by sending your customers a special offer. VIP Texts does not take any revenue from your deals and offers, we want your business to succeed, and your customers to come back again and again.

Increase Customer Loyalty

Keeping in touch with your customers and letting them know you care about them is the easiest way to increase their loyalty. If you are on their mind, they will visit your business more often, it is simple as that. With VIP Texts, you can make sure you are on your customers mind, and keeping them satisfied by offering great rewards with VIP Texts.

Eliminate Downtime

Every business has periods of downtime where they have extra capacity. With VIP Texts you can turn this downtime into uptime by creating an offer that is only valid during those times. Whether it’s a random day, or every Tuesday that you want to boost your covers, simply send our a message that is targeted at bringing in the customers during that time. You will be surprised at how quickly your customers will respond.

Track Offers and Redemptions

VIP Texts has unique technology that allows you to track redemptions on your offers. Instead of just asking your customers to show your message, they can be linked to a mobile website that allows them to click a redeem button. Back in the platform, you are able to track the number of offers redeemed and calculate your increased revenue. You can also determine which are your best and most consistent customers.

High-Converting Deal Templates

You will not have to spend time getting really creative with VIP Texts if you don’t want to, because we provide high-converting message templates that can be sent with a few clicks. You are easily able to alter With our selection of pre-written deal templates, you can send a great offer out in as little as two clicks. Schedule months of marketing in minutes.

Special Events & Holidays

When the holidays come around, wouldn’t it be great to be able to notify all of your customers what your specials are, and to be able to remind them to place any big orders in advance? Well with VIP Texts you can do just that! Once you have a big list of your customers and the ability to contact them anytime, you will begin to come up with all sorts of interesting and exciting ways to take advantage of it, the holidays being just one of them.

24/7 Support and Live Chat

If you need help anytime, day or night, you are in luck. VIP Texts offers, free support 24/7 that is there for you when you need it. You can try using the chatbox in the screen right now if you need to speak with an agent and we will be glad to help you out with whatever it is you need. We are your friends and your partners in making sure your business succeeds and is packed with customers.

If you need anything, just ask!