Text Message Marketing

[/precontent] Text message message marketing has many advantages over any other form of marketing. Text messages have instantaneous delivery, 95% open rate within 10 minutes and they work on almost every device with no downloading or configuration. These reasons make text messaging the best method of delivering information for many industries. NatMobi builds platforms that are customized to fit the different use cases of different vertical industries. VIP Texts is our most prominent platform and can be accessed below.

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VIP Texts

VIP Texts helps businesses bring their customers back to visit again and again. Customers join a business’ VIP Texts List and are subscribed to receive offers and updates from the business. Customers look forward to being rewarded and businesses can easily increase their revenue.

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App Texts

The hardest part for any App owner, is getting downloads. App Texts is the quickest way to get an App onto a phone when a user is on the app’s website. Users enter their phone number and are then texted a link to download the app.

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