NatMobi: Making the Nation Mobile


NatMobi helps businesses and organizations get access to the latest developments in mobile marketing technologies. Our main products are mobile websites, text message marketing and mobile marketing consulting.

Mobile Websites

Almost 50% of local business searches now come from mobile devices. Many restaurants and other service businesses have websites that do not display well on phones and tablets. A mobile website puts the important and actionable information at the consumer’s fingertips, with features such as click-to-call and click-to-map.

Our mobile websites have intelligent technology that allows them to detect when users are on a mobile device and load only then, allowing desktop users to proceed uninterrupted to the standard website. By utilizing our technology, businesses do not have to purchase a completely new website, they just add in our mobile module and their problem is solved and turned into an opportunity to generate more business.

The benefits are increased takeout orders, visits, and customer satisfaction.


Text Message Marketing


Text messaging is one of the most powerful methods of communication available today, and text message marketing puts that power to use for businesses and organizations. When used properly, text message marketing has advantages over nearly every other medium of marketing: it’s instant, has the highest open rate, works universally across devices.

We currently have three different Text Message Marketing Products:


  • – a platform for businesses, like nightclubs and restaurants, that they use to grow a list of their preferred, “VIP” customers and then use exclusive deals and marketing in text messages to incentivize them to visit the business.
  • – designed for Political Organizations who want a direct method to communicate with and motivate their constituents to action.
  • – a text messaging platform designed specifically for food trucks that allows them to update their customers of their current location, specials, and other important information.


Mobile Marketing Consulting

A large part of our job consists of being experts in the field of mobile marketing, which is why companies, brands, political campaigns, and other organizations come to us seeking help with a mobile marketing strategy. We are able to deliver a positive return on investment for clients by utilizing the best mobile marketing tools around.

mobile marketing consulting
Mobile marketing is becoming more and more powerful each day as it’s reach increases and it becomes a major delivery area for adverting campaigns. With mobile marketing you can get access to your demograhpic whereever they are, whenever you want. Mobile Marketing Consulting by NatMobi will help you harness the power of mobile marketing.